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Originally Posted by FRAU
LOL - He HAS a full water dish - but he PREFERS the sink!

The little stinker beats me up the stairs to the bathroom and then stands there at the faucet and waits for me to turn it on. Who has WHO trained?

..... And now back to convincing Terry......
Frau, your cat and ours must be related. Our cat loves the faucet, too. She likes me to lift her up so that she can enjoy a sip of water in the morning. Because dear kitty was getting a little rotound, I put her food dish on the counter, thinking she would get a little exercise by jumping up on the counter to eat. Now, she's trained everyone in the family to lift her up to her food bowl. She takes laziness to a whole new level, and she has trained all of us extremely well. lol

Back to the original thread...
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So Steve.....

any progress????
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Steve! Tell your wife as long as she doesn't follow you into the woods, she will be fine.

In all seriousness, if she is concerned that ESA will be serious, she should know that this is one serious bunch of serious skiiers, and they are all seriousness all the time!!!

Good God, get her signed up before its too late! She will have a blast! I know I did.
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