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I am currently out in Summit County for a week. Yesterday a slalomed (sp?) four miles from Copper Mountain down to Frisco on a bike path, got on a free bus, and rode back up to do it again. A couple days ago I "skied" from Keystone down to Frisco, taking the bus back. What a blast!

I always use ski poles when rollerblading and use a slalom turn motion most of the time. I think it's as close to skiing as you can get without snow.

I am thinking about hitch-hiking up to the top of Vail pass today, for a 12-mile downhill run. The forty miles of pathed bike paths, many with an appropriate grade, and the free bus, make Summit County a perfect place to rollerblade.

Next summer I may bring my off-road "Coyote" rollerblades with six-inch inflatable wheels and will take the free chairlift ride up Copper Mountain.