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Need new sticks

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5'11" 175, Level 8
Skiing old Elan MBX rct 203 with Marker Titanium SC Turntables
Skiing East Coast 75% - Steep Grooms, Edge Crud, Some Bumps
Last 4 years 100% Rockies - Steeps, Bowls, Chutes

Looking in this order:
Volkl G3 - 177 or 184
Sockli Stormrider FRY - 174 or 184
Atomic R9 or R10 - 170 or 180
Vertigo Motion - 177

Please give me some feedback
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You mention the east coast stuff. Because of that, I'd suggest you throw a high end Fischer onto your list (outstanding edge sharpness & grip). Perhaps the Big Stix 69 or 75.

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Dear Ski Diver,

I'd vote for the Volkl's, but that is one man's opinion - mine. You have a private message waiting for you.

Pray for snow [img]graemlins/angel.gif[/img]

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