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Travel Planning ?

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I 'm new here and was curious on what website/company you folks use for planning ski vacations. We are thinking of going to Big Sky in March 06 and don't really know where to start looking to purchase a vacation package.

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I am heading to Big Sky December 29. There are many sites you can use to help with your lodging. I would start with their website and central reservations people. I found them very helpful and they can provide packages that discount lift tickets. I also like to check vrbo.com which typically provides better pricing. I have used this in the past on other trips. You can also find other lodging options that are not available thru the central reservations site. For this trip I am staying at Arrowhead which I could find thru East-West resorts, but not with the central reservations people. There were also a few other property managers I found by searching thru Google and also thru the Big Sky Chamber site. Good luck.
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Thanks glisson. I will check out vrbo.com. Do you know if you can purchase airfare as well thru Big Sky as well as lodging/lift tickets?
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Caveat Emptor

Originally Posted by Cozmo
I will check out vrbo.com.
Caveat Emptor! : You can find deals with vrbo.com, but you have no recourse if the place is a dog, as happened to me last season. (and I even knew the exact unit from previous owners) It had apparently been lived in by the bunch of Barbarians from the Capitol One credit card ads or something and was a wreck despite lovely photos posted on the web site and claims of "completely remodelled"
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