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Longer Public Enemy?

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Looking for a ski to compliment my trusty 05 Public Enemy. Last season I took the PE everyhwere. It really became my do-it-all ski. Rather than carry a couple of skis w/ me or choose what to ski, I would just bring the PE. Skied it at MRG to Big Sky last year. My only issue was that I wished it had no twin tip or was larger than a 179 cm. The twin tip is nice, but you loose ~9-10 cm of ski. This was bad when the speeds got mach looney. Was considering the Seth in a 189 cm...any thoughts

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The Seth's are nice, but do you really feel you'll need a 189 on the east. My 179 Seth's were only broken out a couple times at K-mart last year, and I'll tell you, you can feel the difference. I've skied PE's for a few years, and I never really felt any major issues with speed, so that kinda surprised me. However, if you feel you need more, the Seth is a definate option, just realize that you will feel the width on hard pack days.
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a 185 cm Volkl Karma is a nice compromise between a PE and a Seth
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the biggest issue is the 'over the handlebars' sensation I found when really taking them up to speed & blasting thru the crud or in huge transitions from steeps (or air) to the flats or cat walks...loved the feel of the PE & would take a 189 if they made it. the 179 really only measures like a 170 (if that) the 179 made me really feel like I was throwing in too many turns to avoid the 'over the bars syndrome' The ski must be a hit as k2 added 2 new sizes for this season..174 & 164 cm

did not think of the karma, thanks
Any others welcome!!
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