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looking for a ski thats race ready but good for everyday skiing

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is there one? im planning to see if i can enter my uni ski team to do some racing, GS and prob skiers cross. i want a ski that i can race with but forgiving enough ffor everyday crusing.
any ideas?
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i am just in the process of posting my for sale list... got a new Dynastar Skier Cross 10 in the plastic
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=P i live in australia...
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Strider - if you are racing in NSW then just visit Fred in the Stockli shop & get some demo skis for racing on.....He tunes them nicely & if you are nice will look after you... (besides stockli skis ROCK)

What level of skier were you again?
GS race skis that I haved tried are not friendly for skiing all over the place on.... especially when tuned for racing....
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hi disski, im the same strider from www.ski.com.au
im not planning to race now, im thinking say in 2 or 3 seasons time. i dont want it to be serious racing, just wanna give the gates a go and satisfy the racer in me.
i was thinking about the nordica speedmachine 10, or the salomon streetracer 10, along those lines.

no super atomic 200cm race ski that takes miller's thighs to steer =P
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Hi Strider:

Each company has at least two skis which should suit you. They are mostly the top retail "Race" or "Racing" models.
Besides, some of the top "skicross" skis are excellent performers which would make the job as well.

The only retail "race" ski you should avoid are those few with 21+ radius:
Dynastar Course Comp
Kneissl White Star GS (most probably not available in AUS)
Stockli Laser GS
maybe Salomon Equipe 2V Race. (Anyone want to expand the list?...)

The rest are IMO not too demanding. This is a very relative statement which tells you more about myself and my evalution (I may be that good or mabe just boasting ). That´s why demoing like disski suggests is almost inevitable. You have to find your "comfort level" with such skis and you have to realize that what works skiing free is much more difficult in gates.
The problem I see is that you want the skis now but plan to race in 2-3 years. You´re a young guy and if you put some efforts in your skiing you will be (much) better in 2-3 years. The skis you find best now may/will not be the same you´d find best in the future.
All this is supposing you will be a very dedicated skier and get better. It also depends on the level you are now. As always, lower level improves faster.

How about contacting the coach of the Uni team and discuss it with him? You´ll also see which skis the people on the team use.
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If you don't need a FIS compliant ski, I like the Fischer World Cup Race Carver. Plenty of beef with a smaller turning radius. Similar skis from Elan (Dual X) and other companies might serve your purposes.
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agree with the check

The Stockli GS is a way stiff ski.

The Stockli SC is fast and a great "compromise" ski that will do well on the hard stuff of the course and is great on the regular trails.
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Here's a review I did which included some of the Nordicas...

Scroll down to the most recent post for an updated link to the original review, which includes pictures.

If it's not official FIS sanctioned racing - i.e. if ski dimensions are not an issue, then, for me, I'd stick with my Head iXRC1100SW. If dimensions do matter, then I'd go with the Nordica Speedmachine 16.1 - but they aren't a slalom ski!
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thanks guys
ahh WTFH, love to hear from you.

yeah im planning to buy later, maybe december when it's our summer for some cheap cheap deals. then i can practise with them for the next few seasons as a carver but also take it to do some races with the uni team. thats my plan....
but dont mind delaying it a year or so i guess.....

oh come on, dont tell me you dont want new skis every year!
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strider - i'd get new skis to help you ski better.... worry about race stuff later - because Fred will always let you demo some of his race stuff

Fred is good with helping young racers... he will talk to you happily - especially if you chat in the shop & then head to schnitzel night at the LJ ($6)

Seriously consider yukis idea of the stockli sc ..... I am on them now & before that the SL which I loved....

I am selling some dynamics that are nice but a fraction long for me (yes Oz you were right about them!) at 5'2"
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Originally Posted by Yuki
The Stockli GS is a way stiff ski.

Don't I know it ... spent a full day lesson being made to ski everything on the damn things.... short turns & tree runs are hard work for me on that ski....especially when the runs are sugar on ice(clear stuff regularly) & the skis were race tuned I'll swear as they were grabby in the knee high sugar piles.... (Nice on the ice though - especially doing long turns )

I finally put my foot down about 3pm & grabbed the sc's as my legs felt like jelly....

I was totally sick of "a good skier is a versatile skier. A versatile skier can ski any conditions on any ski" by the end of that lesson.....
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ye will prob buy when im better
but just wanna know so i can keep an eye out if i see some good deals
but thanks, disski ill keep in touch
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Originally Posted by iriponsnow
i am just in the process of posting my for sale list... got a new Dynastar Skier Cross 10 in the plastic
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The new Dynastar Course 67 looks promising
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i put up an ad for my current 1080s, i took it off within 10 mins. i cant bare to part with them, even thou i know they're not exactly what im after.

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