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Where the Fox???

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Have you ever wondered about the origins of Fox's name? Weems uncovered this clip that tells the real story: http://esa.epicski.com/video/WearTheFoxHat1.wmv
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an absolute classic ad...
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I was wondering which video that was going to be...
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yes! duh!

I wondered and actually asked him. He responded "Just an old Irish joke".

About a month later it clicked. I felt purty lame and I'm sure Fox enjoyed every second of it ........ Fennian prick that he is.

I, on the other hand just don't think in such crass and base terms. At least it makes me feel better when I tell myself that.

Better check yer' bindings fore' that next run Foxy, pay backs are a bitch!
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I'm normally pretty quick plus I'm part Clan Cameron and I didn't click to it until now. Did a google search. Found this joke.

Prince Charles said to the Queen, "I'm going to the hunt ball at Blenheim and I don't know what to wear."

The Queen said, "Wear the fox hat."


I'll never be able to see one of his posts without a chuckle. Fox, you are warped. Good on you!

It was on this joke page. http://www.vikarsrant.net/Jokes/AndysJokes.htm

Warning there is probably something that will offend you on it.
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