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Nord K0.0 GS Ti

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I Found a deal on 02/03 Nord K0.0 GS Ti for less then $120 shipped. The catch is the lenght avalible are 178, 193, or 198. I am 5'8" and about 195. Hopfuly 180 by the begining of the season. PSIA level II Alpine, skier level 8. Some have told me I am a level 9 skier but I think true level 9's have names like Mahre, Stenmark, and Rahlves. I raced USSA back in the day and have coached J4's, High School and Ski Club level college(SUNY-Albany, The drinking team with the skiing problem).
Any input would be great.

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Nordica K 0.0 GS was a 2000/2001 ski, not 02/03.
97-63-85, radius 24/185 cm, wood core + 2*titanal. I don´t know (remember) how stiff it was.
If you don´t mind the narrowish dimensions and know that it´s not too stiff 193 cm would make an excellent speed ski for early morning runs.
I´m not so sure about the 178 cm. It is (was!) rather short for a GS from times when even best women still used 190 cm. It could be softer and more pleasant to handle. Otoh, such a short length could (I don´t know if the dimensions varied according to the length) possibly have only about 95 mm tip which is almost too narrow by today´s standards.
I guess you with your racing background can decide yourself.
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Thanks for the reply. The Nordica USA Pro site says its a 02/03, but I have seen your posts and will trust your knowledge. Must be a typo. Sounds like a 193 if I pull the trigger.

Thanks again,
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You don´t have to trust my knowledge but we should trust the Nordica catalog.
The 01/02 skis were K 11 GS Gel Driver (102-64-87, different lengths), a year later - your 02/03 - the skis were K 12 GS (dimensions not announced, different lengths again).
I have checked all three catalogs. The only retail ski in the lengths given is the K 0.0 of 00/01.
If I decided to get it 193 cm would be my choice as well.
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I'm with Checkracer on this one. I believe it is an 01 ski. I actually have a pair in 178 which I picked up on E-bay last year. I actually bought them for the bindings but tried skiing them and they were surprisingly good. Made a good all round ski, not nearly as much work as my Fischer race GS skis but still with decent performance. In fact i think I actuyally used them in a Masters GS when I was struggling with the Fischers Can't check the dimensions I'm afraid as my stuff is in storage while I move house.

Oh, and I'm not sure about the Ti designation. Mine are just marked K0.0 GS with the square sidewalls and the Nordica plate
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Correct. The construction was "Energy Ti" but the ski was just "K 0.0 GS".

I´m not surprised by ScotSkier´s characteristics of the 178 cm version. That´s why I wrote "It could be softer and more pleasant to handle" in my first post.
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