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Does anybody have the full set of lyrics to this song? I can only see a certain percentage of words and need the whole thing if I'm to sing properly without a large proportion of nurr-nur-nurrs.

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uh, maybe fox or steve could help??
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Maybe PacRimRider1 will know...
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I'll go and ask the gentleman!
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I've just checked, and Celine Dion has bought the copyright to the lyrics, so they can't be published here, which is a shame. Maybe 5 Star will cover it.
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roo, I was going to PM you, but you have that turned off...

Just wanted to know if you know which maggot would have been driving round Holloway a few weeks back in a Disco - they had TGR & La Grave stickers on the back. Thought it might have been you - except I thought you drove a scooby.
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I have no fixed vehicle. It may have been my stalker.
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Originally Posted by bad_roo
I have no fixable vehicle at my disposal currently. It may have been my stalker.
Ummm- don't deceive these folks.
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