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Salomon 1080 boots - Had the V cutout the back, what next? - Page 2

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WTFH, Sorry you can't make it. Would have been nice to meet up and share your thoughts on the skis on demo. My problem is I'm easily pleased. As long as they ski better than the ones i've got i'm happy. Thanks for the advice on the Speedmachines. I'll keep an eye out for them.
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I think your boot has been softened quite a lot and there is no point in softening them further. The dotted lines usually do the trick. I would never cut the V in the back. The V in the back of your boot is quite big, so there is a chance the flex has changed. That's IMO.

The bootfitter (from what i understood) followed the manual. Everybody can do that! In your situation a REAL boofitter could help you a lot more than your current bootfitter.

So here is what you can do. Check out posts 78 and 82 in this thread:

Checkracer recommended two austrian bootfitters (real bootfitters). I think you could contact them. They should not be busy this time of year so a visit could solve all your problems. OR you could go in winter (you mentioned you will be in Verbier, Switzerland). Austria is very close.
A real bootfitter will make the difference. And be prepared to buy a new boot

seriously, i think this one of your best options. How many bootfitters (not even real bootfitters) are in the UK???
One of the two austrians could solve your problems (even if they probably don't speak English very well) and you will have a great season.

At least it is an option...
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sywsyw, thanks for the linky I think i'll see what these shin pads are like and all being well will try to get a few weeks of skiing under my belt first to see how things turn out on the mountain and then will see if I can get an appointment with one of those guys.
There is a chance I may decide to do the ESA so that may also be an option also.
Certainly sounds like I need to be starting with a clean slate. I have a sneaky feeling my ability improvement this coming season may lead me to outgrow my soft boots. They suit me for now but i'm guessing this will change.
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
I can't - it's my dad's 70th that weekend, so I'll be over in Ireland for it.
You'll have to pass on my b5's then. Catch you next time.

I was at the one in MK (as you'll have read in my review) - all I can say is - Test the Nordica Speedmachine 14.1 and 16.1...
He can't, they're already booked out, as are the Hot Rods
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Spyderjon, Hehe, not to worry mate. I'll have to trust you to spill the beans on them for us.

I was so impressed with this years M11's on Monday i'm on the verge of getting a pair. I don't think I would find anything better to suit my ability level at this time.

I picked up my ST11's today - WOOOT!
While fitting the bindings we compared them to last years Neox and they were indeed lighter. The biggest surprise was the rail plates - They were a LOT lighter.

Sorry you won't be able to join us next Monday. Hope to see you the week after

Take care mate.

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