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Fischer Big Stix 8.6

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Has anyone tried the Fischer Big Stix 8.6 FTi (2003/4 model)with Telebinding yet?

Any comments?

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check Couloir and Backcountry magazines, one of them had a review of the Big Stix 8.6 and said it was a lot of ski for tele work, heavy compared to most of the alternatives, but still lighter than last year's non-air/carbon Big Stix 84.

I have a pair that I'm skiing with the Fischer (Tyrolia) RX12 binder for alpine. Meaty ski. If you can make 'er work with tele binders, you're a hero.

My pair of Black Diamond Havoc with Naxo AT binders are as light as the Big Stix 8.6 were WITHOUT binders.
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