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Salomon Scrambler 8 Pilot vs. Atomic M9 or Other Interm/Advanced Skies

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Hi All!! I am hoping to buy my first pair of ski and boot soon, since there are a lot of deals around for last year models discounted at 50%. I ski mostly at resorts at Tahoe. I weight 153 lb at a height of 5'9". I would consider myself a solid level 6 skier and have about 15 days of skiing under my belt. I not much a speedy skier, and I would like to work on, improve, refine my parallel turns. I do mostly blue slopes and ocassional easy black slopes.

I have been researching and studying this forum extensively for a week. Everytime I thought I figured out what ski to go with, I will run across some posts that just completely throw me off. Everyone has diff thought on each ski basing on his or her own skiing style or preference. In addition, there is so much info flowing around the discussion board, it gets kind of confusing sometimes. :

I am currently looking at the following skies based on the deals that I am able to find. Since most people on this board are all really advanced skiers, just want to see what you think when comparing them side by side base on your experience. Thank you in advance for your help and patient:

(1). Atomic M9 at 157cm or 164cm

Most members on this forum seem to like it. Some mentioned that M9 needs to be skiied more on the edge comparing to other skiies, since it is fatter than usual. One common complaint is that the Neox binding seems a bit on the heavy side. In addition, I talked to a few people from the ski shop on the phone, they mentioned that this ski likes to be skiied at shoulder width when making turns. The weight thing kind of make me shy away from this ski. In addition, will M9 be too much ski for my level? According to Atomic sizing calculator, I fall some what between 157cm and 164cm, if I put in intermediate/medium turn radius.

(2). Salomon Scrambler 8 Pilot 165cm

Seems to be an easy ski to ski in. Most people said that it is pretty forgiving. Considering my level, I kind of want something that is fairly forgiving and easy to initiate turn with so I can build up my confident more on the black slopes. The common complaint is that the ski is kind of soft and tend to skid when pushed. In addition, there might not be room for growth. I am thinking for my case, I don't think I will get to that point until a few seasons later.

(3). 2004-2005 Bandit B2 160cm

Read a lot of good thing about this ski. Seem fairly forgiving, but still fun to ski in. My only concern is that this ski might be too much for my level and 160cm might be kind of short for me.

(4). K2 Omni 5.5 167cm

A lot of people on this borad mentioned this ski and say good things about it. Is this too much an intermediate ski, or would it be a good fit for my level?

(5). Salomon Scream 10 Pilot Hot 165cm

Probably too much ski for my level......

Lastly, I am also looking for an intermediate ski for my girlfriend, and the ski shop guys recommend Rossi Z1 Women at 147cm for her, since she weights about 105lb at a height of 5'3". Would this be a good choice to go with? : I didn't find anything on this ski, but most other online reviews seem to recommend it for intermediate skiers. I think most people recomend K2 Tru Love or something similar to that.

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let me see if i can help you out.

im around your level, 185lbs and 5'11"

from my extensive research, i'd personally take the M10, but it IS heavy and well, am i willing to carry it around? hmm...

next i'd take the B2, no question asked, but ill ski it in 170. i find 160 is too short for me.

salomon makes excelelnt skis, but yes they're soft. the scream might be too much ski, and i reckon you'd grow out of the scrambler 8 soon. i ski on 1080s and i find them awesome even thou they're soft.

dont know anything about k2s

so yeah, i'd take M10 or the B2 in around 170cm
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Thank you for your advice. I have similar thought. I think that I might out grow Scrambler soon in the near future. Since I am a little lighter than you, I am leaning toward getting the 160cm B2, if it is not too advanced for me. Is there a less heavy binding beside Neox that can be used with the Metron's?
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Originally Posted by OLO
Is there a less heavy binding beside Neox that can be used with the Metron's?
The 05-06 Neox is a much lighter binding than the current one.
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SWEET!!! Thanks for the info.

Now it is between "04-05 Atomic M9 + 05-06 Neox binding" vs. "04-05 Bandit B2". I guess I can't loose going with either one.
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I'd stay away from the Scream 10 Hots. I don't know anyone who has been happy with them (vs the 2 chilis which people seem to like). The Scrambler 8 Pilot is, at least in my opinion, a much more interesting and versatile ski. I do know people who like it. I'm 200+ pounds, so it is not the ski for me : . However, it seems quite reasonable for someone in your weight range. You might even consider the 155 - after all, its shape is virtually the same as the Metron B5 & M11.
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Hi All,

Thank you for being so helpful. I ended up getting the 165cm Salomon Scrambler 8 and the 147cm Rossi Z1 Women for my girlfriend. As suggested by Phil that 05-06 Neox binding is lighter. I tired to get the M9 with the 05-06 binding, but it is more than what I want to pay for. I got the Scrambler for 400 shipped, so I guess that is a pretty decent deal. Now, it is time to go find some boots and prey for a good rainy seaon in Tahoe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again.
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OLO, go to Reno and meet up with Bud Heishman (who was our boot god at ESA, posts here, and runs a shop in Reno). Don't try to do boots alone or by recommendations on-line when you are that close to an expert of Bud's caliber (demo team finalist, former PSIA examiner, one heck of a great skier, and a good guy!).

Anyway, PM him here and set something up to meet him. Really... Pay the bit extra to get the right boots and get them balanced by Bud.
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you bought skis before you got boots?!

good stuff on getting the salomon, i ski on 1080s so
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Hi SSH and Strider,

I think I will try to PM Bud. Thank you for the info. I have my own snowboard, so I guess I can swing by Bud's place and get some boots during my 1st boarding trip up to Tahoe this season and ski the next time. I definitely don't plan on buying boots without trying them out. Am I supposed to buy boots first?

I figure that I found a good deal with last year's model, so I decided to get the skies first, and try out the boots later at the local shops to find a good match. Hope this is a okay way to go. Thanks.
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well if you can afford it, no probs
but because boots is the MOST IMPORTANT aspect of anything to do with snow, thats y should get it fixed first. but having said that, i could afford boots and skis, and i bought both before i left for the snow, however, my boots were a wrong fit, and i had a terrible time, wasting lotsa money.
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OLO, no rules for what you buy when, but as Strider notes, boots that fit (in both the "shape of foot" and "alignment/balance" senses) will impact your skiing to a much greater extent than skis will.
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