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Originally Posted by steve crumbaugh
He's great. Kind of like a human version of Mt. Rushmore.
Two outright laugh-out-loud experiences on EpicSki in a week (the other in the Lounge). This is awesome. Maybe we'll just call him George...
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I hope you're not talking about ME!
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It's all about you, Fox. It always has been.
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I'm relatively new here as well Liquid and you've come across the best Ski forum by far IMO. What a great group and it seems to be growing everyday. Become a supporter if you've got a few bucks to spare and WELCOME!
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Welcome. I hope you enjoy the site. I am somewhat new myself(well compared to the 1,000+ posters). Unfortunately I haven't posted much since it is summer. I feel like I have not been skiing in years Last winter seems like so long ago. I just hope I am still good

You'll have fun on this site. There are so many knowledgeable people.
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Just don't say your a newbie and you want to know which ski and boot combination you should buy TODAY!

Welcome. You will find this place to be a valuable resource. The posters are very resouceful, too.
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