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Atomic railflex system - Can you ditch this for other makes of bindings?

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I've just ordered myself a pair of Atomic ST11 slalom skis and was wondering when they arrive if it will be possible to pop a pair of Look P10 lifter bindings on them instead of the railflex plates with neox's?

I noticed after the event of ordering that the Race Stock version of this ski in a 155 length is shown with normal binding plates but cannot find any info about the consumer version of the ST11 and its riser plate.


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Bagged off on the b5s, eh? The Atomics are "flat", but "pre-drilled" for Atomic bindings. In the catalog (downloadable from their web site), they describe which skis can take bindings other than Atomics (for example, I know that Phormerly Phlexon Phil put Solomons on his first pair of Metrons). I'm downloading the catalog, now, but you may want to check it out yourself.

Are these 04/05 skis or 05/06 skis?
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Hi ssh,

Hehe, i'm still undecided about the B5's in the smaller size, though I have a pair of M11's in a 162 sat in my hall waiting to be demoed once my shin blisters heal I have a sneeky feeling i'm going to like the M11's

The ST11's are going to be my early season hardpack groomer hooning skis and they are the 05/06 model.

They're shown in the "punter" catalogue with railflex setup but in the race catalogue they're shown with different mounting plates on the 155cm ladies race ski.
I'm really good at skimming i'm afraid so will see if I can gleen anything from the catalogue. I could have sworn there was no mention of mounting options unless I skimmed too well.
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Railflex and railflex plate are part of Tyrolia and Fischer bindings, not Atomics.

Using an appropriate interface you can combine virtually any plate and any binding. The simplest "interface" would be 8 mm (home-made) lifters (8 mm because of the screw length, could be even shortened to maybe 5-6 mm) screwed onto the original plate and used as the actual plate to accomodate the binding.
Such a solution has some disadvantages. The worst is probably excessive height of such a doubledecker. Afaik, the racestock Atomics have a 17 mm plate and a very low binding (12 mm?) not to exceed the FIS limit.
You would have to measure the heights and decide if the resulting position would be acceptable.
Another problem might be the Pivot binding. It is possible that the flex pattern of Atomic skis is best compatible with traditional instep heel mounted not under the boot like the Look turntable but behind the boot heel. Such a fixation influences the power transfer to the ski via plate.
It´s just a speculation, partially based on some older information that Markers MRR were not a good match with Atomics. (Maybe even this information is not correct but that´s what I was told by some either Marker or Atomic people.)

Personally, I don´t think the P10 is such a marvellous binding (the race models would be different) to be combined with Atomics.

The big Atomic trio logruve, Atomicman and Betaracer could tell you more.
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checkracer - Thanks for the info and advice
The only reason I thought of using the P10's was that i'm taking them off my B2's and it seemed a waste not to use them, but after reading what you say it appears that theres more variables than I had anticipated. Showing my ignorance about bindings here i'm afraid.
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check is right, btw. I didn't want to be picky, but there is no "Railflex" for the Atomics. In fact, the Neox binding comes in separate pieces: rail components and binding components. The rail mounts like an old-fashioned binding, then the Neox slides into it.

I believe that other bindings could work. But, having skied the Neox last season, I'd suggest it as a great match for the Atomics. Very positive feel for the interface boot-to-ski.
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The consumer ST11 uses the B4 chassis which is waaht Atomic has been using the since the first GS11 & SL11 came to market. It is not what I would term a "railflex" system. Atomic has never used this terminology and it is different than Marker/Volkl, & Tyrolia's Fischer systems.

It consists of a plate premounted to the ski. The binding is then mounted to the plate in predrilled holes in the plate. i beleive it is the same plate that was used on last years consumer (04/05) GS11 & SL11.

I believe you are opening up a big can of worms trying to use something other than an Atomic binding. I also believe this plate can utilize the Atomic Xentrix, Race or Neox. Althouh you must drill your own holes in dimples provided in the plate for anything other than the Neox.

the plate is designed for Atomic bindings and i would be worried about where the screws line up on the plate. You really don't know how much material you are drilling into (could be very little) with a diffferent binding.

Since the ST11 is beta construction a replacing the plate is probably also not an option. it would depend on how the screws on the new plate lined up with the old Atomic plate screw holes in the ski. You also have the problem of the beaat shape in the middle of the ski so a flat bottom plate doesn't fly. the B4 chassis fits down between the Beta Channels.

The World cup plate only accepts Atomic Race bindings!

I would only and do only use Atomic bindings on all of our 26 pair Atomic skis. With no problems whatsoever.
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Cheers guys,

I guess I was being overzealous in my wanting to not waste the Looks i'll have kicking around. Definately sounds like would be on a hiding to nothing trying to shoehorn other bindings on.

One good thing that came of all this was all the bindings I saw listed at the back of the catalogue.

I noticed that the Neox is listed twice with one of them being shown as "Alu". I'll show this to my local Atomic dealer so he knows what i'm after when I start badgering him about the lighter 05/06 Neox bindings.
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I think the plates are marked so you know where to drill or not to drill. At least they're marked on my M10s.
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Originally Posted by Atomic_918
I think the plates are marked so you know where to drill or not to drill. At least they're marked on my M10s.
Yes, marked for Atomic bindings not for Looks or any other brand!
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Originally Posted by Atomicman
Yes, marked for Atomic bindings not for Looks or any other brand!
All I know is there are dotted lines outlining areas that say Do Not Drill. I ASSumed that went for any binding.

But I MAY be wrong.
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I didn't think you could mount other bindings on the M10
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Even if mounting a binding of other brands was possible the manufacturers enforce the usage of "their" binding.
I remember Rossignol rejecting warranty in case you used a non-Rossi bindings and proclaiming only Rossi bindings may be used. It was some years ago when the plates used could have accommodated other bindings as well.

Removing the Atomic plate/chassis on a Beta-ski would be a nonsense if you had to get another plate as well. I´m not sure if drilling/utilizing new holes required by the other plate would be possible.
VIST offered an "adapter plate" about 5 years ago which was intended to come onto skis like Atomics. The plate disappeared from their catalog next year - I suppose the demand was almost non-existent.

I would save the Look binding for some wider freeride skis or for some Dynastars which you may find discounted.
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