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Diamond Peak?

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I have a opportunity to take my kids to Incline Village around Thanksgiving this year. Diamond Peak is the closest to where we would stay and appears to be suited for my kids ability.

However, from what I have seen, Diamond Peak may not open until mid-December. Assuming that there is ample early snow, does Diamond Peak open before December? Obviously, if there is not enough snow, they will not be open.

Thanks in advance.

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Diamond Peak
If there is enough snow they will be open for Turkey day. If they are not open/ or open but snow sucks. Mt. Rose will be open, its not much further up the road and is friendly to kids.
However there are no shuttles to Mt. Rose, you would have to drive.

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BTW, Diamond Peak has gangbuster views of Lake Tahoe from the ski runs.
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Anybody can ski Rose. It has much more difficult terrain than Diamond so everybody can be happy--complete novices to double diamond junkies-- at Rose. It's not like Squaw for scariness but it's got enough challenge to keep you happy.

It lacks the views of Diamond Peak. It's only about 10 minutes more drive than Rose if you are in Incline.
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