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In need of assistance...

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I've done a considerable amount of searching and reading, but I still feel quite stuck as to what I should be looking for and what deals are worth jumping on. To start with, I've been skiiing on 172cm Rossi Scratch's for the past few years (Power 120 bindings) and while I've enjoyed them, they don't give me the GS ripping ability I desire, especially in typical eastern conditions. I weigh approximately 150lbs and am 6'2, and will probably gain a little weight by the the start of ski season. I would describe myself as a very aggressive, energetic 16 year old skier. Essentially, I'm looking for a list of skis to kind of "be on the look out for" and what sizes I should consider, as I'm looking for a pair of discounted/older skis due to financial considerations.
Some things that seem immediately desirable and may help clue you in as to what I'm already thinking about but remain a little clueless as to length for:
-Volkl Supersport 6 Star
-Stockli Stormrider XL
I hope I've been somewhat clear--please don't hesistate to ask for more information or clarification on something I've said. Thanks a great deal,
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I would suggest taking a step down from a "top of the line" halo ski for the simple reason you do not have enough weight to flex on for your height. I think you might have more fun on a 5 star than the 6 star and you will get more out of the ski. Just another way to look at your options.
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Don't get the XL- in my opinion it is too wide for eastern snow conditions. Because you are so tall and so light, Phil's suggestion may be a good one. Drop down to the 5 star os look toward a company whose skis typically run slightly softer than a volkl. Look at skis from Salomon, Dynastar, K2, select Elans, select Rossignols, and maybe some "just shy of top end" Atomics. The Elan S12 is a ski that comes to mind immediately - it would not be too stiff for you weight/height. Also, the Atomic SX 10 might be worth a look. There is a new Salomon ski (Equipe something - just below the race skis) that you may also like - it skied much like the S12, but the flex was stiffer in front of the binding and it tended to want a larger turn radius (i skied it in a 170 last spring).

While Stockli's and Volkl's sound great in theory, they are a lot of ski - especially for someone of your weight. I know this because i weigh about 155 - 160 during the season - granted I'm only 5' 7", but getting beat on by a stiff ski is not fun. Something slightly softer will make learning easier too - then in a few seasons you may want to make the jump to something that could double as building material for sky scrapers. When I was your age I skied on Salomon Xscream Series and then doubled the quiver with a Rossignol Viper S (2000 and 2001 models). Neither we an overly stiff ski and gave me the chance to greatly improve my skiing. Since then I have made the jump to skiing mostly race stock skis, but i didnt do it all at once.


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need more info

Tho I agree huge with Phil and HoS comments.....I offer a couple suggestions...

- these forums are jacked with ideas, even recently....learn to use the search option....many bears have great knowledge about specific brands and have posted recent info you will find useful....I know I did. I hunted down next years ski (volkl allstars) on specific recommendation from 2 very friendly bears. Take the time to read the good stuff you find here. Lotsa folks here are dedicated and willing to spend time to help you....kinda amazing really.....

-post your specific location and where you usually ski....bears can then suggest shops and specific deals relevant to your local.....for example I just posted yesterday that the shack at Killington access road/ rt 4 is blowing out near mint demos right now.....the shop is staffed and can suggest a match for you...they had many skis which were hard to find last year at blowout - K2 hellfires, Volkl 5 stars and various Atomics (even a few metrons) and Salomon various were all well represented in this sale and appeared priced way below pro form, probably shop form pricing more likely......if you are in the VT area I would suggest a run to k mart would help you....
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trickflip, welcome to EpicSki! Take on hrstrat57's suggestion, too. And Phil and HoaS have it exactly right: drop down a level and get a great ski for less. I like the Metron:11 for you, the Atomic SX:9, the Volkl 5*, Elan S12, the Fischer RX8 (older versions are identical to the current ski!), RX6, the Nordica Speedmachine 14 (or 12).

Lots out there. Without more to go on, though (as hrstrat mentioned), it's hard for me to narrow down my opinion for a recommendation.
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I should gain some weight--I was about 170lbs or so during hockey season last year, however, who knows what to expect this year. I live in Westchester County outside New York City. I'll take a look around and see what I can find--I'm still relunctant (as you might expect) to rid myself of the idea of buying a kind of superski, but your suggestions makes sense. Not sure if this correlates to what you guys have been saying, but would jumping on a pair of older Volkl P50 F1 Energies make sense if I could find them for relatively little, or are they just as stiff? I'm pretty much willing to try anything, I just need something that will work if I gain weight, and will be really stable in crappy conditions. Obviously, "hip appeal" has some role, especially at my age. Again, thanks for the help. I'm kind of stuck at camp right now, I'll browse through some classifieds I guess, if any of you are selling something that might work, by all means, throw up a link. Thanks,
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I had a buddy who wrecked a pair of P40 F1's by jumping on them. He was a ski racer who also doubled as a mislead park rat. He eventually ditched those for a pair of Dynastar concepts. My suggestion is to have your free skiing ski (carving and such) and your park ski - your scratch. Try not to mix the good ski with the one that youre trashing in the park. The search function is great. Also, ask specific questions regarding each ski that youre considering - you will get a lot of info. Remember, if you chose a softer brand its still a "superski" that is geared toward a lighter rider. Just because a ski is stiff doesnt mean it is necessarily the better ski. In fact when I look for GS skis - I tend to try to find one that is soft... but go figure i race on one of the stiffest most unmanagable skis out there... race stock Elan GSX in a 182...
Good luck with your search. Definitely research and as questions before you buy the best ski out there. Its kind of like buying a 600hp 6-speed supercar without knowing how to drive stick. If you drive stick you realize that shifting such a vehicle would be difficult (considering aggressive clutches and such) and impossible for a never-ever.
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"the east"

Where in the east? If you are a commuter (weekends in VT or NH), or are stuck in our smaller more southern areas the ski will vary.

For eastern ice ... Stockli SC

Slop and powder ... an older Stockli DP or newer and probably better (narrower at the waist) AT or an XL.
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Originally Posted by trickflip
if any of you are selling something that might work, by all means, throw up a link.
This isn't exactly a Volk Supersport but it may be of interest, and I'm local (Westchester). 2002 Dynastar Speed SX, 170 cm, with Look bindings, skied around 30 days and in good condition. Dimensions = 104/63/94 -- radius 17m if I remember correctly.

Here's what Peter Keelty had to say about it in an archived "Inside Tracks" article on www.ts2003.com:

Dynastar Autodrive Speed SX

Like the 9.18, the SX has been around for a while and like the Atomic, has been dampened. The end result is that this superb ski is even better. We include it in the cruiser carver group, but it has the wherewithal to hold its own in more powerful race carver company. We suspect that some very good skiers will be surprised to discover just how equally enjoyable the SX is for less skilled enthusiasts.

The SX is smooth quick, stable, forgiving and even behaves itself when subjected to windshield-wiper turn style skidding. If this ski were around even five year ago, it would have been unquestionably the most versatile ski ever devised. Even these days, it remains high on the list.

Quick Take: Carve (5), skid (4), track (4), stable (4), holding (4), rebound (4)
Level: sport through elite
Sizes: 160, 170, 178, 186
Side cut: 104/63/94
If you're interested p.m. me - asking $150
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