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Leg strength

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Hey guys,

Im gearing up for a big end of year ski trip and I would like to hit the slops in some reasonable shape. Could anyone suggest the best exercises to gain strength in my legs SPECIFICALLY for skiing - both in the gym and in the cardio room.

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The most important thing is a hamstring/quad muscle balance. If you work your quads too much harder than your hammies, your skiing get can seriously messed up. Also, if you read threads both here and in the instructional forum, any strength training that is not integrated with balance will have only minimal benefits.

The stability ball leg curl is still the best , because it works your hamstings, glutes and core muscles while teaching balance and alignment.

You can also integrate strength training with balance:

Have fun!
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Here a good complete program. It only lacks an aerobic component, but you can do that on your own 2-3 times a week:

Even though it's in German, it's easy to understand. "Dauer" means length in time. "Wiederholungen" means number of repetitons. "Satze" means sets. "Schwierigheit" means level of difficulty. "Pausen" is the rest between sets. "Anfanger" is beginner, and "Fortgescrittene" is expert level.

The videos really give a very clear idea on how to do these exercises.

You might want to take some days off and stretch this program into about 40 days or even more. If you do it for 26 straight days, well... it might be a bit much. Don't kill yourself, you know. We are supposed to be doing this for fun. And exercise is not supposed to break you, but make you healthier.

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