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Freestyle Accreditation

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I've got a question or two concerning the Freeride Accreditation. Although I think I know the answer to my question, I figured I'd run it by the bigwigs anyway . Is it possible to skip a level? The 3 courses required are Basic Skills & Safety, Intermediate New School, and Advanced Freeriders. I don't want to sound arrogant, but I'm fairly certain I've got the Basic Skills & Safety part down cold (otherwise I wouldn't be around to type this!).

Has anyone taken any of these courses yet? I'd be interested to hear about your experience(s).
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Yeah, they want you to do the 3 courses in order. I'm going to do that this year too. And I don't think what you can do concerns them. They're probably pretty confident that anyone who wants to take the course is comfortable in the park and pipe. I think they are more interested in trying to teach you how to handle a group of rowdy teenagers on huge tabletops and 40 foot long rails (i.e. making sure they don't break their necks). That's just a guess, though.
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Well, speaking from experience, the Eastern Accred is different than the western accred. I am one of four that has completed the Freestyle/Freeride Accredidation in PSIA-E and the Eastern is not a do accredidation. The Eastern version is more concerned about knowing how to teach the skills needed for the freestyle skiing in a safe and logical approach by understanding the natural progression of skills.

And yes, you do have to do all 3 in order, but believe me, you'll still have fun even if you know a lot of what is being said. Also, because the program is so young (like I said only 4 of us have completed it and maybe 20 people total are involved in some way shape or form) you have the unique ability to truly impact the program.
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