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just got back in from the annual summer VT State parks camping tour....had a quick stop in to "The Shack" at corner of rt 4 and Killington access wife and daughter rushed me out of there real quick....before I added to the already extensive quiver but I did notice amazing deals on demos....the dude in there said most of the stuff only had one or two runs on em and he had just put em out.....did peek at some yummi 172 atomic metrons which confirmed nearly new condition....before mrs said forgedaboutid.....see she just discovered the 2006 volkl allstars I had hidden in the closet for next season while she was looking for the camping gear.....oops.: Did manage to get my daughter a real nice Columbia titanium jacket for cheapo. NO gear for me....ok one K mart t Nice. Almost went for new 2005 jr 7 24 volkls....$90, but she got good new gear last year.