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Anyone read this?

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Bonni unpacked a box of books today and found "Skiing Right" by Horst Abraham.

I'll take a look tonight when I get home.
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Oooo! Somehow I expect Nolo to jump in here. I'd love to give that a read.
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Originally Posted by ssh
Oooo! Somehow I expect Nolo to jump in here. I'd love to give that a read.

Click here

This book is available used from Amazon. Some material is dated but still a good book. Highly recommend it.
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Horst is a wonderful person, a great instructor and one of the most effective clinicians I've ever met. His book has great value if you're interested in the history of skiing and ski instruction. I'd guess a regular EpicSki reader would enjoy having the book in a personal library. If you want instructive material, there's better stuff out there.
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Funny that this thread about Skiing Right should come up. A friend of mine just bought a copy of Skiing Right from Amazon.com. Interestingly, my book, which I bought when it first came out, has a Chapter Four, called Learning Inventory and the copy my friend got does not have this Learning Inventory chapter. Does anyone know what happened to that Learning Inventory chapter? Does your book have that chapter???
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Mine does not have that section. Maybe the difference between the hard cover and soft cover editions?
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Ongoing Kudos to Horst for his timless work of insight.
A GREAT reasource!
Not only full of cool historical info, but seasoned with pearls of wisdom still applicapable today.
Still on my recomended reading list for aspiring learn-a-holic instructors/skiers.
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I own a copy but have not read it "cover to cover". I'll have to check on that inventory section.
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The Learning Style Inventory is on page 85 in my edition of Skiing Right (1983).

The book is definitely worth reading, Jeff. You'll hear it referenced by experienced (old) pros who celebrated its publication as avant garde at the time.
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This book has the Learning Inventory in it, nolo. It's a pretty good book......I read it years ago. I should read it again, now that I kinda know what I'm doing!

Joan Heaton, BillA or anyone who wants those pages, PM me with your address and I'll photocopy them for you. I don't think Horst would mind.

Hey nolo........how much of this transfers to "new skis"? This book was printed in 1980, and just looking at the "newest equipment" pictures kinda scare me.

I like some of the analogies (I'm a big fan of them!), and the grandfather clock vision really helps see whats needed. I guess my question is: Can this Whole book be used efficiently with today's equipment?
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Bonni, I often consult a book written in the Forties called "Invitation to Modern Skiing." The new skis didn't change the basic physics of skiing...
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I loved that book when it first came out...guess I'll dig it up and read it again. It's not going to mess me up training for level II exam stuff is it?
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Not at all, fiddleski. The more you know, the more you know.
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Thanks, nolo. Started it this morning after my walk to the post office since I'm supposed to stay off the foot for today.
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