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Demo Day Events?

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One thing you repeatedly read on this forum is "try before you buy". I think the best opportunity to sample skis (whether you're in the market to buy new boards or not) is to participate in day-long demo events where a number of ski manufacturers offer their latest. My problem is I don't always know when and where these demo days take place. Maybe we can compile a list. I'm interested in Colorado events, but I'm sure others would be interested in other regions.
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Some manufacturers post them on their web sites or contact your local shops and ask them when the demo days will be. I know, here in the east, Hunter Mtn. usually has a consumer demo on the first or second weekend in December.
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In addition to what Phil said, go onto to the ski manufacturers site and call the local office and ask for the sales rep in your area. They should know or will know.
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What they said: Call your reps, shops, and ski areas. If you can get ahold of a rep you may be able to demo directly from him/her. Make sure you know what you want to try though. It is easy to be distracted by other glamorous skis at demo days... and there isnt enough time to ski them all usually. A good way to do it is to get a friend at a shop that does demos - get them to prepare the skis for you to your specifications - and take them out for free whenever you want.
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Esquidor, I usually post here when I determine the dates for demo days here in the Front Range (usually the early-season ones at Loveland sponsored by Specialty Sports and Christy's on different weekends). Those events are usually in mid-November.

There are others a bit later in the season, as well, and I would also encourage posts here from those who learn about them, first. After the first two, I'm pretty much "demoed-out" for the first part of the season!
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most dealers have demo fleets that you can rent for a reduced cost, and then you won't be in line behind the other 5000 people at the hill...
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