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05/06 K2 site up....

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"I know you can fight, it's our wits that make us men."
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Good, clean site. Substantial improvement over the graphically intense, overly complex 'area k2' site from last year.
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Simple. I like it.

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I agree, this site is better than most. Isn't it odd that there are no race skis?

Also, while I and others have complained about the poor quality of the manufacturer websites, I'm pleased by how early they are available this year. It was only a few years ago that manufacturer websites lagged way behind the season. As recently as only a couple of years ago many websites were still out-of-date and half functioning into the new year. Dynastar comes to mind as the consistently worst and latest site.
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Originally Posted by youngsman
Isn't it odd that there are no race skis?
K2 gave up on racing last year.
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Originally Posted by troutman
K2 gave up on racing last year.
Did they?

They presented their Race Series last year including even SG/DH skis in the official catalog!!! (skis which probably never existed). I skied with an Austrian last summer who had the Mach GS Race and was very satisfied because they were less aggressive than his Atomics GS. But they must have been very rare. When I asked our Importer he told me they would not be available here although they were on his pricelist at some incredible price of about 300 USD/pair without plate.
This year the SG/DH disappeared but the Moto-Serie and Moto-Race-Serie with 5 + 5 skis is still in the German version of their catalog (but not on the website).
My impression is they are some retail race skis, no race stock, though the 191 cm of GS race is hardly a reasonable retail length.

Why should they strive to get back to serious racing when they own Volkl? I guess it´s a tough job to compete against giants like Atomic/Salomon, or Rossi/Dynastar on WC even if they concentrate on Volkl skis only.
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At least in the US, K2 stopped all race development/support at the end of the 2004/05 season. They let their race support guys go and they have no summer test center at Mt. Hood.

Regarding the K2/Völkl relationship, I assure you K2 would have ultimately reached this decision anyway. They have been moving away from racing ever since the Mahres left for Volant in the early 90's. I can also assure you that K2 and Völkl operate very independently. There aren't many phone calls between Vashon Island and West Lebanon.
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I wonder why K2 gave up on the Hellfire? Most eastern skiers that I know though that they ripped. (even though 64mm underfoot is a bit thin)
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Ski Depot shows 2006 K2 race skis. The very gaudy Moto skis. See http://www.ski-depot.com/miva/mercha...ode=k2racemoto
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I should have clarified that I was talking about race stock skis and support

Yeah, they showed some retail race skis at Vegas...I can't imagine that they sold too many.
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