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Summit Co. locals... recommend hikes?

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I'm coming up to Summit Cty this weekend and would like to do a relatively easy hike in the Dillon/Silverthorne area. Nothing more than 5 miles would be nice... are there any good lake hikes (no, not around Lake Dillon) in the area? How about good wildflower hikes? Thanks in advance!
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Hi Harry, I remember seeing "Hikes of the Week" in the local paper. Found this for your reference. Perhaps others can provide some descriptions and testimonies as I've not had time to attempt any yet. Happy hikin'!

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Awesome Sugarcube! It looks like some of the past hikes of the week were lake hikes... thanks!
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Going on an (I want to get attacked by a Mountain lion Hike)?
Is that still a problrm in that area?\
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Some good lake/wildflower hikes I've done in/around Summit (I can't vouch for how the wildflowers are right now though):

Herman Lake: (exit 218) - easy 6-7 miles roundtrip - one of my favorites, with lots of wildflowers, ending at Herman Lake.

Eccles Pass: (off the eastern Frisco exit roundabout) - 10 miles roundtrip - the first mile or two is the hardest but then it mellows out onto an alpine meadow thick with wildflowers. Doesn't end at a lake, but the view from Eccles Pass is stunning.

Loveland Pass East Ridge: - once you gain the ridgeline, there are lots of tiny wildflowers all over, and the view is spectacular to boot.

Mayflower Gulch: (off Highway 91, about 6 miles south of Copper) - not a lake hike, but profusion of wildflowers in the valley.

Guanella Pass: a little far from Summit, but the hike to Square Top Lakes (away from Grays and Torreys) provides great wildflowers and two nice lakes.

PM me if you'd like more info on any of these hikes.
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Are there any "easier" 13'ers in the area besides Sniktau?
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There's two relatively easy hikes I enjoy. Mohawk Lakes outside of Breck and Lower Cataract Lake outside of Heeney. Mohawk Lakes can be as short or as long as you want - anywhere from 2 miles roundtrip to 6. If you like scrambling, ditch the trail when the waterfall appears and go up the side of the waterfall. The higher you go, the more lakes you find. Lower Cataract is much easier. You could potentially hike up to Tipperary Lake or Upper Cataract from there.

The Summit Hiker book can be found in most places you would expect to find it.
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Very nice pic's!! Thanks for sharing

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Great Photos as always, Faisasy!
Here are some brief hike descriptions:
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