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There Is Hope

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While driving through Lyme NH yesterday (Sunday July 31, 2005) we saw a tree that was starting to have its leaves change color!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, Yes, Yes, ohhh Yes!

Yeh, there may be a couple of more weeks of higher temperatures. But at least the trees are starting to give us some hope. Can snow be in the near offing?
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Methinks you are hallucinating. It was probably a dying tree. Even in the Northernmost parts of Maine, there is no leaf changing happening yet. Snap OUT of it, man!
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AHHHH-CHOOOO! Well, I was hoping that this gawdawful head cold was an indication, too. Bummer...
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You better think of shorter days.
I noticed the difference when skiing around the 21st July (the shortest day) and a month later.
There´s also a saying here that July 26 brings early morning colds. Traditionally, this is the first greeting of the fall though the heats of the recent years make it more a tradition than reality.

Another good indicator is the number of posts in web forums.

For me, also our mag urging the texts with deadline last Friday...
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Although I certainly don't know about New England, late July *seems* a little off. Probably a diseased tree, as someone earlier posted. I do know that around here (the Wasatch) the scrubs oaks start to turn red the last week of August. One more month would certainly seem more like too for New England
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Jeez people, let the guy have his delusions. He’s probably suffering from the heat and lack of snow.
Where did you say that tree was?
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Damn close to your backyard, BillA.
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Originally Posted by BillA
Jeez people, let the guy have his delusions. He’s probably suffering from the heat and lack of snow.
Where did you say that tree was?
Are you saying I'm slightly off kilter?

I though I was fully off kilter.
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Yo T-square check it out.: :

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Could it be that we skiers, after wandering through the summer months for millenia, have finally found our burning bush?!
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In the swampier areas the leaves do tend to change sooner than the other trees. Maybe he was near a swamp. Then again, it may have been a red maple. Then again, the heat may have gotten to him and he might just be halucinating. It could just be wishful thinking.
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Yeh SLIDER!!!!!
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Dynafit lovers Anonymous Support Group and Therapy.
Do I even want to know what that is?
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Oh yea of little faith. Here is the photo to prove what I, the prophet of snow to come, have said is true.
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