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Snow Left in Colorado

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Hi Folks, long time read, newbie poster...

Was born in colorado and moved to New Hampshire when I was young. Going out in a week or so to visit family, but was wondering if there was any easily accessable snow left within a couple hour hike/drive from denver.


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Mount Evans has some snowfields still on it. And its within an hour of Denver.
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St. Marys usually has a bit of skiing when the weather's been like this. Anyone know?
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There's a place near Heeney, between Dillon and Kremmling, on the other side of the lake there's an access road to Elliot's Ridge. I've never seen it when there wasn't snow. But it's about 2 hours drive. It's been real warm out there this year. I doubt if there's much anywhere. I can check with my Cousin. He's climbed most of the fourteeners.
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Hiked up to St. Mary's yesterday -- still lots of snow, no rocks showing through. About half a dozen skiers/boarders up there -- heard them saying conditions were great.
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Welcome, salida.

Do you ski Tuckermans?
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I always went to St. Marys Glacier to get my summertime fix in when I lived in Denver. ~45 minutes give or take depending on traffic.
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thanks for the info guys... Either Mt. Evans or Saint Mary's sound like good options. Out of curiosity what is the hike time for Saint Mary's? Are the snowfields on Mt. Evans accessible via the auto road?

and yes Bonni I do make the journey up to tucks, normally multipe times of year. By and large I am a cannon skier and/or backcountry in the New England area.


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Salida, perhaps feallen will let you know a more recent experience than mine, but back when I was hiking it frequently, it seems like it took about 30 minutes to hike into the base of the glacier. The hike to the top was probably another 15-20 minutes, although I'm sure that my perception of hiking on the glacier went faster than the hike in.
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Yup.. and some of it is easily accessible.

St Mary's is the obvious one as others have mentioned. Also, Hagerman's Pass between Leadville and Ruedi Reservoir usually holds snow, plus you can drive to it. Africa Bowl off Mt Massive is in the same area and will offer more snow in return for hiking. Mt Bross has a snow field you can drive to. 4th of July Bowl in Breck on Peak 10 has some, though I can't tell if you can ski it. It's also a hike. I was in the San Juans a few weeks ago and I imagine Cinnamon Pass is still skiable (and driveable).
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Just got back from skiing St. Mary's Glacier today- it is sun-cupped, not really great skiing, but it IS SKIING! My first August turns!

It is just under a mile to the base of the glacier (figure 1/2 hour hike in AT boots in at the most with gear on your back). There are a couple of little routes to ski- to climbers left, you can get the steepest terrain there (which is not very steep!) and ascend kicking steps in about 15 minutes. To the top will take about 20-30 minutes, depending if you are skinning or climbing. The very top has some rotten snow- watch out to be sure that you don't punch through to the water running underneath if you are not wearing skis.
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two weeks ago guys were skiing skyscraper glacier -- about a mile in from the top of Rollins Pass.

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