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Steamboat early March.

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Going to Steamboat for a week in March, never even been out west skiing before in my life. What should I expect?? Any special things I should do to prepare?? Anyone who'se been to Steamboat, how is it?? Thanks.
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It should be great. Weather typically good, and with luck you'll get that nice old pattern of 6" - 10" at night with sunny days. Last year I was there right around then, and it was in the middle of a three week dry spell (we did have one day of snow), but it was fine. It's a great mountain with lots of different places to check out. Only thing it really lacks is lots os steep, shooter stuff. But loads of tree glades.

Plus it's a nice, real town full of real people who live and work there. It's one of my favorites.
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Good choice at a good time.
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We were there last year 2nd week of March, and had a good time. It was pretty warm, so the bottom of the mtn was slush most of the day, but we loved the upper right and backside parts of the mtn. We heard they usually get good snow in March, but we hit the middle of a dry spell unfortunately.
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Early March: high potential for epic conditions. Late March: high potential for crap conditions.
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Originally Posted by tetsuma
Only thing it really lacks is lots os steep, shooter stuff.
Unless, of course, you find some locals to show you some of the OB...
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Yep, great time to go. If you get bluebird Spring days, you'll be skiing great snow while getting a tan wearing short sleeves and light gear. If the storm machine builds up (very likely) you could be skiing waist deep champagne pow the very next day.
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I was also at Steamboat last march for one of the dry/warm weeks. It was the first time our group had skied there. We had a good time despite the lack of new snow and spring like conditions.

Having said that I was dissapointed in much of the terrain. You may or may not like the mountain depending on the type of terrain you are looking for.

The mountain has many green and blue runs that will be perfect for beginner skiers. I thought the majority of the Blues at steamboat (specifically on the right side of the mountain) were very mellow and could have been classifed as greens due to the inconsistant pitch and often flat spots.

The week we were out much of the gladed/tree skiing was not skiable due to extreme freeze/thaw conditions and lack of new snow. I'm sure many of these areas (pioneer ridge/shadows areas) would be a blast with colder/better snow conditions.

I also feel there is a lack of consistant steep terrain. Chutes 1,2,3 were nice as is much of the hike/short walk to terrain (5-10 min) from the top of monringside but the runs were very short with the requirement of getting on 2 different lifts just to access the terrain again.

Regardless of the terrain (blue or black) I felt like the majority of the mountain was a series of short sections of consistant pitch with intermittent flat sections.

However, I really liked the feel of the town and the crowds seem reduced when compared to front range resorts I have skied such as Breck, Copper, Vail, ect..
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When there is snow, it is always good because you have the whole mountain to explore. When there has been a dry spell then you are limited to what you can ski comfortably. Steamboat is not the place to be when there is no snow.

That said, when there is powder, it might be the best place to ski if you are familiar with the place. There are still good stashes well after.
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We were there last year in January and had a great time. More people than I expected though. My feel on the mountain is quite different than a previous poster. I thought that the blues were - on average - more difficult than some other western resorts. This probably due to uneven conditions created by a multitude of people. Maybe also due to the fact that I fell once, on a blue.
My son and I skied top to bottom through the trees & had a blast, picking woods and trees with very few tracks, even though it was crowded. It was our first time to Steamboat and we will go back.
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