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Plate or no plate?

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OK, I just scored a new pair of 176 cm Rossi Bandit B2s with Rossi axial 140 bindings.

The bindings came with riser plates. A little under a 1/2" for the heel and a little over 1/2" for the toe. You can mount the bindings with or without the plates.

My question is, should I use the plates or not?

I'm a 62 year old advanced skier, but still ski fairly fast and aggressive although mostly on groomed slopes. (5' 11" 182 lbs.)

I'm looking for someone that has skied with and without the plates on the same skis. And, can tell me for sure what the plates do. My gut feeling tells me that they would give me more edge leverage, at the cost of ski control in cut up or crud snow.

BTW, I demo'd these skis last season and they were the clear winner amongst the skis that I demo'd for all mountain skiing.

Thanks for any help you can give before I mount these things up.

Mike M.
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I've got the same setup Mike. Been skiing them the past couple years. In my best ever catagory. Install the plate. It won't hurt the powder performance and it will give you more leverage on the groomed. Enjoy
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