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My latest stupid

UPDATE: I managed to avoid buying the Volants Machete FBs which were in quetion when I started this thread, but now I've done something......stupid? I bought a pair of bindings on eBay mostly because they had wide brakes (of course they were a bargain, I hope, they are used Salomon Equipe drivers which, from what the ad says, and pictures suggest, have seen precious little use), and I don't even have any skis I need them for. I blame myself for allowing the glowing comments I've read on epicski about the Salomon driver series bindings to influence me. I'm weak.

So now I feel obligated to get a pair of fat skis to go with them. They haven't arrived, so I don't know quite how wide the brakes are, but I'm thinking of picking up an old pair of Chubbs in a shorter size than the 188s I have (180s?), because 188s seem too long for tree skiing, and my all around skis just don't seem wide enough for anything deep I might find in the trees (or so I tell myself).

Excess bindings, searching for skis, and I haven't even bought my pass yet. There you have it, my latest stupid.: