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Demoed Intuitiv 74 today

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I just got back from Mammoth today. Perfect day. Not a cloud in the ski, light breeze and fresh snow from Saturday. I first skied my old straight Atomic SL3 in 200 cm just to see the dif and there was a big dif. My Rossi Viper s turn much easier and were alot more fun. Both held edge well, etc, but I am happy I got the Rossi's.
I then demoed the Dynastar Intuitiv 74 in 175 cm. Teriffic ski for these conditions. Was very fun and quick turning on the groomed pack. Then went into some deeper chop and these things just ate it up. No snags, etc. Very smooth and would turn whenever I wanted them to. I then took them for a bump run down chair 22. Great bumps today. Not real tight, but big and I was doing the Monroematic pump at a good clip and these things did very well. Held edge well, but the snow was perfect.(No ice) I then went and tried the same ski in a 182 cm and loved these even more. For the first time I felt I really got the hang of carving with both skis(breaking old habits sucks). Maybe I just finally figured it out, but I really feel that these skis helped. They just seemed to work for me. By far the best skis I have skied yet of the new skis. (Best skis ever for that matter).( Others demoed this year are Rossi Viper S, Bandit XX, Axis "no X", Rossi 9x.)
So now I am looking for a pair of these in 182cm. I was surprised that the length made such a dif but it was dramatic to me and I want the extra length for powder. I did not ski any deep powder, but the way they handled somewhat deep chop I am confident they will be great! By the way, I am 5'11' and 165 lbs.
Note: I am not a speed demon and can not vouch for them here. When it is steep groomed I enjoy doing a lot of quick turns with a few GS turns thrown in, and for this the intuitiv 74's were great!!
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Dan - Sierra-at-Tahoe had a demo pair in 182 for sale last Saturday. Excellent shape as they had just gotten the correct bindings - looked like they had hardly been skied. Think they wanted $350. rick p
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Thanks Rick P,
But that is a little far for me. But I do appreciate the "heads up". I was able to have my preferred local shop order a pair direct from Dynastar for me and sell them at 1/2 retail, so I am satisfied. Thanks again.
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