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Marlin Attacks Teen!

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Saw the angler/boat, and attacked.....one smart, tough fish. This is a mature Black Marlin....many bills have been broken off in hulls.

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this was on fark about 10 days ago or so.
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I saw something on TY a few months ago where A Marlin had speared a woman on a sport fishing boad. The theme was that her breast implant had saved her life.

No joke (True story)
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wierd one

The strangest attack I remember was in Flordia. Two boats were tied together in "party/cocktail" configuration in a quiet bay.

A gal was having a martini while sitting in a deck chair. The cudda launched out of the water, clearing the first boat and while soaring across the deck of the second boat, bit and severly lacereated her thigh (major arterial) with profuse bleeding.

She was saved because a Coast Guard chopper was doing some practice stuff in the area with a full crew aboard.
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Did that fish do that on purpose? There seems to be some kind of an uprising going on.
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I'll guess that it's a matter of survival behavior, but not agression.

Many game fish will "charge the boat" or "run to" to angler, but when you look at it, what they seem to be doing is quite logical. They are going to where there is no tension or opposition (the line). If I put a big hook in your mouth and you ran away to the north and it wasn't working, wouldn't you turn and run to the south, (east and west) hurt pretty bad too when battling a tight line. And, many savy lunkers ..... that's the only time they can spit the hook (on a slack line), and that's when the line is going to snap, under the boat or recovering slack.

Mr. Cudda was probably reacting to a reflection that seemed to be bait on the surface.
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