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Where is the wood?

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Just was recommended to look at the new Fischer AMC79 skis as a alternative to the Top Fuel. So looked at the web site found the ski but no wood core. What I seem to have read was the insde is a Carbon Fiber core. So is this technology leaving behind the wood core? I know carbon is strong but is it not also "britle". I realise that it would take alot to snap the ski but I am looking for opinions on this type of core vs. a traditional wood core.
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There are many wood skis still made, but there are many others that use other materials for the core. My Fischers feel a lot like a wood-core ski to me (they are air-carbon, as well), as do my Atomics (which are of a different manmade material). That said, you can find many wood-core skis out there, if you'd prefer them.
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I don't think it matters. I have skied both. There are arguements for and against both. I tend to ski mostly wood core skis, but if a great pair of foam core skis came along I wouldn't shun them just because of the core material. A lot of fischers use that air carbon core, and I have never heard a complaint about it. The only complains I have heard regarding core material is regarding the older Rossignol skis, Salomon skis, and Dynastar skis. Do a search, I think that this has been discussed a lot before - you may come up with a lot of valuable information.

ps. I was going to respond to this with "inside the ski."
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When Volant went to a synthetic core in the new line, they weren't as easy to bend and they were a bit more lively.
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