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demo bindings

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hi everyone
what do everyone think about demo bindings? the ones with the extra piece to allow you to adjust heel and toe piece? in terms of weight, performance etcetc?

but i realised, buying good condition 2nd hand is good value, i put more scratches on it in one week!
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It depends what you are using them for. Some of the "non-demo" binding systems are pretty easy to adjust, too.
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everyday usage, all mountain crusing, a lil jibbing

i bought some ex-demos, and my salomon s810ti have the long adjusting thingo
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I don't think there is anything wrong with Demo Bindings (For most people) I buy Used demo skis, they come with demo bindings. I have yet to replace the Demo bindings with the non demo version. Demo bindings do wiegh more.

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