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Any tips on how to snug a boot up?

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Either the padding in my boots has packed down or my feet have shrunk again. Since 1999 my feet have gone from a women's 11 wide to a 9 regular witdth, no joke. I bought new boots last season and they are somewhat loose for me in the foot bed area. I really do not want to buy another new pair this year. Any suggestions for things I might try? Do you think a custom liner might do the trick?

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One thing you can try is to raise the footbed. Get a sheet of cork gasket material from a hardware store, cut it to shape and place it under the foorbed. That's the cheapest and easiest solution. Tognar also sells pads that you can attach to the outside of you liner, but at that point you might be better off with a new liner. If your foot really changes 2 sizes, you might be better off skipping the new liner and getting new boots.

Regards, John
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GO back to the shop that sold you the boots. How many times did you use them last season. At the one year mark those liners should not have packed out.

It sounds like you may have been given the wrong liner for that shell or the wrong size boot.

If that shop won't make good ..... it's time to get on down the road and quit "rewarding bad behavior"!

Many shop techs rely on the customer strapping them on for that one week vacation and then tossing them in the closest ... never to return to complain.

I get my initial fit done with a light sock. This gives me a bit of room to adjust as the boot packs out. A progressivly heavier sock can help. Thoro-Lo makes three weights.

Make sure (if you do get new boots), that the new boot has the micro adjustable buckles AND, that they are on the lower range of the micros (near as practical) .... AND that they are on the lower notches of the buckle.

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Seriously, I think my foot has shrunk again. I bought new sneakers the other day, same brand I have been getting right along (New Balance) and I needed to get an 8 1/2.

I did ski quite a bit in the boots, about 50 to 60 times. I am a heavier person too, so it is possible that the liner did pack, but I am leaning toward thinking my foot shrunk.

Oh, the boots are a Solomon Evolution 8 in a 26.5, if that helps any of you.

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Ok, lets be serious here...feet don't really shrink substantially in length. Now you mention that you are heavy. This effects feet in several ways. Over time they tend to "spread"--they get wider, arches drop, they pronate further over time and they can get "plump" just like the rest of us. Now, I have to ask have you lost an weight this year? If so, then your foot can appear to shrink in several ways. Yes, it will get smaller by losing fat, just as the rest of the body--but also people with wide feet often end up buying bigger shoes/boots than they need in order to gain extra width. If this is the case two things can happen. If one loses weight then the shoes can seem to become both wider and longer as less volume in the shoe is occupied. If there is no weight loss, then often shoes strtch in width over time. They get stretched out of shape and over time will appear to become wider (which they are) and shorter (esp. leather hiking boots), but if the shoes were too long to begin with but seemed right due to width issues discussed above, the shoe will appear both wider and longer as it stretches in width thereby "revealing its true length as width is added through stretching.

You ski quite a bit--I bet you packed out some. If you were fortunate enough to have lost some weight also, this would increase the perceived effect.

I hope this makes some sense??
Maybe I'm all wet...
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Don't try to pack out the current liner - you will probabnly never be satisfied. Throw out the current liner and get another one custom heat moulded.
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Question 1) Did they shell fit you? Did they take out the liner and get you to stand in the shell and check the space at the back. May seem like a basic question but your posts lead me to wonder about this.
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Before you spend money on a custom liner or new boots, there are some simple things that you can experiment with to try to snug up the boots. They have worked for me with boots that were the right size to begin with, but were packed down so much that I could no longer get a precise enough fit by adjusting the buckles.

As was previously mentioned, you can put some shims in the boots to take up excess volume and to move your foot up into a somewhat narrower part of the shell. You can experiment with this using the cardboard that is used to package 12 packs and cases of beer in cans. This material is dense and pretty incompressible, does not absorb moisture easily, and is thin enough that you can experiment with it by building up layers until you determine what thickness works best.

I use the bottom of the boot liner as a pattern to cut out the shims which go in the shell under the liner, rather than in the liner under the footbed. Once you know how thick the shim needs to be you can replace it with something made out of sturdier material, although I've had shims made of this stuff last all season.

You didn't mention whether or not you have custom foot beds. If not, you might consider having some made for you. They will help stabilize your foot, and they may also take up some of the excess volume in the boot. If you don't want to spend that much on footbeds, you could try Superfeet after market footbeds which for about $20 are a lot better than the ones that come with the boots and do take up some volume.

If your boot shell is a good fit, these fixes work surprisingly well. If the shell is too big, there really isn't any good alternative other than new boots.

Hope this helps.

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