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Boot question for BetaRacer

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Hey BetaDude--I just noticed that my Atomic BetaRace 9.58 boots don't sit flat when I put them on a flat surfice. Seems this would screw up my alighment. what should I do? BTW, they r last years boots that I got at the end of the year sales. Haven't skiied them yet.
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Sorry to be rude, Trey. Gmolfoot, if you are who I think you are, would you mind responding to this thread? Thanks!
Once again, Trey, apologies!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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If you haven't used them yet, you can try tightening the screws, but be careful. The posts are cast aluminum, and strip and break if too much torque is applied to the screw.

Go to the dealer where you purchased them at. I never checked mine when they were new, so I don't know if the condition is unique to your boot, or common to all. I just punched the shell where needed, slipped my foot bed in, aligned the cuff, and went skiing. I'll be at the factory in Austria in October, and I'll make further enquiries there.
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No problem Lisa. thanks Greg and BetaRacer. i'll tighten the screws this wkend and then check back BR if that doesn't work.

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Well, I tightened the screwes, which were loose but it didn't make any difference, BetaRacer, so if you think about it, ask at the factory, fi you are still going. i'll just use my Heads till I get the Atomics straightened out.

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Thanks Greg,
You're right: I checked out my Head boots and they are a bit off too, though not as much as the Atomic's. i'll just have the soles ground and should be good to go.

On another topic: I'd like to reduce the forward lean on these boots and found that replacing the 58mm rear sole with the 50mm rear sole does the trick (they have the yellow sole up front and the red one in back)Will this cause a problem with the boot/binding interface/release?

Thanks for the great info!!!
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I'm just trying to get it to have the same forward lean as my Head (San Marco) World Cup boots. The Atomics have just a bit more than the Head's and I like the way my Heads ski (except their too stiff). I'm tall and skinny with stick legs BTW.

Never thought about it making the boots more responsive as you point out, but think this works for me b/c I tend to get back on my ski's VERY easily.

Reason I thought changing the heels is good is b/c it can be reversed easily if I don't like it; just pop the yellow heel back on

I'll let u know how it goes...thanks again
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