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Washing / Cleaning Gore Tex shell

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Do I need to do anything special when cleaning a gore tex shell? Can I throw it in the washing machine with detergent?

Time to put it all away for a few months..

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check the label. It usually has instructions for care. I Prefer to use Nikwax brand cleaners. They seem to be gentle on the garment and friendly to any coatings that may be in Gortex or other types of "Tech Wear". They also have treatments to restore the water repellency of Tech Wear. Most are wash in types rather than spray in which seems to work well I have been using for the past several years an have been a very happy customer. Keep in mind most detergents are designed to "remove" oil or oil based things as well as dirt. A lot of Tech garments use some oil or oils based products to create the repellancy.<FONT size="1">

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Use a "soft" detergent such as Dreft. Rinse twice. Throw it in the dryer on med. And you can iron it to revive the water repellency. The Nixwax stuff is good but pricey.
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I just bought a new Mountain Hardwear and the guy at the shop told me three things:

1. Use powder detergents, never liquid.
2. Run it through the rinse cycle twice. Soap clogs the membrane and makes it less breathable.
3. Dry it on low heat. The heat is actually good for the coating.
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KevinH's advice is exactly what I've heard from Mountain Equipment Co-op in Canada and it works for me. Especially the THOROUGH rinsing and drying at low/medium heat. Residual detergent has the effect of lowering water surface tension (this is how detergent works) and thus rain doesn't 'bead' as easily on the fabric. More expensive non-detergent soaps like Nikwax's Tech Wash are supposed to rinse out more easily and prolong the life of the factory coating, but I haven't used them myself.

The factory water repellent coating should last through several of these cycles before you need to think about reapplying something like Nikwax TX-Direct or Gore Revive-X or Techtron. <FONT size="1">

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Just a little shake of Ivory Snow. Shake it in before adding the water and make sure it dissolves before adding garments...... or, you get little white lumps.

Once a year I do a Nixwax treatment.

Tickets came ..................thanks again and I'll post on the conditions.
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