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Base Welds

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Hey everybody,

Im new here but it seems like somebody on here would know what a base weld is and how to make it happen. Ive heard people refer to them in the past but never knew what you need to actually do it. In the past i always used Ptexing but it sounds like base welds hold better. I tune all of my skis and more so any information would be greatly appreciated.

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a base weld is an alternative to ptex repair.
with [tex you melt the repair material into the damaged area using a torch/hot spoon/iron/soldering iron and hope it bonds. the drawback to this is that you can get carbon in the repair if you do not know what you are doing or you overheat the base causing a delam or bubbled base or the repair falls outthe first day you ski because the melted material is so much softer than the base around it etc.

a base welder uses an air hose to blow air over a heated element at the same time a polyethylene rod is fed through a tube to get heated as well. the heated rod and air nozzle are passed along the damage forming a bead and bond with the base that is way more consistent than the usual ptex repair(depending on the density of the rod and base i've seen rock damage actually "bounce" over a weld repair.

in the great white north a base welder will run you about $2500 but you can use it in the summer to repair your motocross bike fenders...
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thanks for the info...do you know of any websites or companys that sell base welders? ive experienced that problem with ptex. is there any good tool to regulate the tempurature of the ptex that you would recommend?
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Or there's the ski-specific base repair tool: http://www.race-werks.com/product.ph...0800&cat_id=16
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yesss perfect
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