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Bonfire jacket

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Any experiences with the Bonfire Platinum Pinnacle jacket?

I have it shortlisted for purchasing. Especially interested in hearing from people skiing 60+ days a season in very wet and windy weather. Also would like to hear about weaknesses, wear and tear, failures, problems etc.
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I can't speak exactly for the coat you meantion, but here are some guidelines

Are the seams taped? ALL of them? a lot a ski wear is only taped at the shoudlers and neck and not all over.

Is it heavy? Too many jackets have a boat load of bells and whistles that add weight that you ultimately don't need.

ASk about lifetime (of the product) warranty from the manufacturer.

Look at the sewing... does it look like weak thread and big stitches?

What's the fabric.
(FWIW, I"'m the outerwear business and I have never heard of that brand, not that it that means any thing.)

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I may be able to answer your question, with my list of everything I know about Bonfire:

So, here it is:

1. Bonfire is a clothing line from Salomon.

(That's all I know)

So my advice would be to ckeck the zips. Most good jackets have YKK zips. Salomon may have put their Pilot zips into the jacket - you know the ones - the zips are on the side of the jacket, rather than the middle.

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Thanks guys.

Yeh I am aware of the things I need to look for, to clarify I have had technical jackets for a few years now.

The zips have a rubberised flap over them. The jacket is fully seam sealed, I think it is XCR Gore tex or similar waterproofing anyway.

They are a Salomon brand, priced around same as North Face/Mountain Hardwear/Marmot and other top technical suppliers.

Anyone have one? [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Forgot to add:
Ridiculously over-priced in the UK
e.g. Ellis Brigham = £299
or $243 at Backcountrystore (that's about £170)

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Salomons' line eh? Ususally someone else makes it for them anyway. IMO (just mine)is to stick with a recognized brand of a OUTERWEAR make, that stuff always seems to be better built that stuff that is shopped out and slapped together and then a ski (board, bike etc) maker's label is put on for a marketing deal.
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BonFire makes some awesome gear! They're traditionally snowboard. But who cares? Their gear is sweet. I don't have one, but I want one. I have a buddy who just bought that jacket. He swears by it. And I sell a lot of them. They seem to hold up well and the waterproof capabilities are really nice. I love 'em and I want one.
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You sell them? What could you do pricewise on one? Postage to London, UK (kiwi living in UK). What shop do you work at?
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