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Business cards

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Found this on the PSIA-E site.
Is this a good deal?
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That link goes to the main site. To what were you referring?

Never mind; I found it. $32 for 250 cards? Central has them for $38 from the same place (ThePlus.com). OvernightPrints sells 250 single-sided color cards for $29.95, so I'd say that the $32 isn't bad.
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Thanks for the reply. I haven't purchased business cards in several years and I have no idea what prices are.
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I haven't, either. I print mine on my printer!
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Originally Posted by ssh
I haven't, either. I print mine on my printer!
I was thinking of doing that also.
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They aren't as professional-looking, or as water proof! The latter may be more of an issue for a PSIA card; the cards I print are for my year-round business.
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Soem time back I wanted to make some (to get them printed, I loathe homemade cards, they look bloody awful!), so I got onto PSIA to scrounge a bromide of the logo off them. They wouldn't give me one, but said they make cards.

I really think they should advertise it better, it's done by the educational people, they get you to do a form, then send you a proof you can fiddle with.

It has the logo, and "PSIA Educational divison" on it, and any words you want. They are professionally done, and I haven't lost any to wetness yet. Can't remember how much they cost, it wasn't bad though. And a boxful lasts for ages.
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I highly recommend Vistaprint.com (use that link and you get a discount and I get a referral bonus). They've got a sale going on now till 7/31 where you can get 250 glossy cards for what looks like $6 (maybe plus $10 more for shipping and a custom image).

Here's a previous thread I started on the subject:
It has a sample picture of the card I made. I've learned a lot since then.
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