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Time for new poles

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I didn't even do a search. The rain in the Northeast is depressing me so much today, I just figured I wanted to talk some more about poles. I am so psyched about all my new gear that I figure I am gonna' do it up right and get some very nice poles to finish off all my other new gear.

So what are some really nice top of the line poles for me (Santa) to leave under the tree for me?

Any suggestions?

I wonder what the conditions wil be like in Vermont this weekend?
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From the Scott Series 4 thread:

Urge Arno Adam ProModel

Notice the super-hard carbide tips for poking holes in heel-side traversing snowboarder kidneys. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

Actually, the term "oversize tubing" got me to thinking about taking 4 seatstays in Reynolds 531 and brazing up a truly custom set, maybe file down a dropout to form squared-off XC-style tip. Time to talk to the bikeshop guys . . .

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If you want to buy expensive poles, make sure you remember under which tree you leave them for you I am using 20-dollar generic aluminum poles, because my 10-dollar ones walked out on me last year after 8 years of reproachless service.
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Those new K2 poles are pretty sexy.
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Conditions should be good at Okemo, they come back faster and stronger then other Mt's after "clear snow" falls from the sky. Last Sunday they had awesome snow conditions. Last Saturday was ok.

Poles seem to be a matter of cost over feel for some. I have had my ICE USA graphite poles for about 6 years and love the feel of them. They were big $$$ new but have served me will. My racer boy son likes his new Scott series 4. He is picky about hand grips and feel.
Decide if you like the feel of metal or carbon. If you ski a lot the feel is important. Wear your gloves when you test the poles.
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>>> My racer boy son likes his new Scott series 4. He is picky about hand grips and feel. <<<

I am liking the looks of these, and remind me of the older Scott poles that were silver on the top and gold on the bottom, very retro.. just like me! LOL!

I'll be up Okemo by the early next week. I usually don't do weekends.
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oldhippie, here's a good deal on some VERY nice Scott poles:

bargain Scott Comp poles at Sierra Trading Post.

I was lucky enough to find a nice pair of Kermas at Gart Sports' SNIAGRAB sale this fall. $15 for a $65 retail set of poles. Check your local cheapie sporting goods store for poles, that's where I usually get mine.
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This year's versions of the Scott competition poles can be found for $50 on racing sites, in your choice of slalom or GS style. Add $5 for bigger baskets. They have a new grip and strap. I have a set of their Series 3 myself, only because they were on a big sale. I don't bend poles so hopefully those will last the 15 years the previous did (I retired them, they wouldn't give).

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