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Which bindings for Fischer RC4s?

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On a trip to Mt Hotham (Australia) last week, a friend of mine demo'ed a few skis and really liked the Fischer RC4 SC. I don't think he's experienced really good edge hold on the hardpack before and now wants to buy a pair. He's intending to shop on-line from the US or Canada and would like know what the best bindings for these skis would be. I know that Look/Rossi bindings are often recommended by the Bears and I don't have any experience with Fischer bindings so I'd really appreciate some suggestions to help him out.

My friend's an advanced skier, around 105kg (230lb) and will be skiing mainly on the groomers.

So what bindings do you think would be a good match?


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I used to use a Marker EPS 1400 with the WC SC
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The Markers are great as are the Fischers (Tyrolias). I have used both on the RX8 (not as much ski as the SC).
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I use tyrolia free flex on my Fischer WC GS and have found them excellent. last season was the first time I used Tyrolia since aboout 1972 but my verdict is definitely "no worries, mate" . In fact I also have them on another couple of pairs of skis now. As SSH said the tyrolia/fischer is essentially the same binding .
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I use either Fischer or Tyrolia which are identical except for the housing design and never had a problem with them. However, you may just want to just get the binding brand that is on sale.
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My RC4 WC SC skis came with Fischer freeflex FR12 bindings (made by Tyrolia I understand; I can't complain about their old all-metal 490s).
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There should be the best price on the Fischer ski/binding combo and it´s a logical solution.
As has been said, Fischer = Tyrolia, good reliable bindings. I have four pairs (Freeflex 6-15 to 6-17), no problems, long life. Don´t have any experience with the Railflex binding which will most probably part of the set/system.
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Thanks for the advice guys - I've passed it on to my friend. Hopefully, he can find a good deal in time for our next skiing trip in September. Hopefully we also get some more good dumps of snow here in Aus soon. The resorts are getting a bit patchy
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