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Dude, Where's My Stash?

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Just how stupid can you be?: Calling the cops because someone stole your stash.: DUH!

This is the second time I've seen this type of idiocy. The last was a student at New England College.

They don't call it dope for nothing.
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I always say: don't ever underestimate the stupidity or brilliance of human beings. No matter how stupid the exploit, you can be sure someone will do it, has done it or is currently doing it; fortunately some people also do some things that are beyond all expectations of excellence.

I recall reading the report of a SE Asian phenomena where teens were sticking bike pumps where the sun don't shine and pumping themselves to achieve some sort of euphoric effect. Well, one kid tried this with a car tire pump (compressed air) and literally exploded himself. : : : : : : :
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