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k2 missdemeanor

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Has anyone skied the twin tip k2 missdeameanor for 05-06? Any input on this ski would be great because my sister is very interested in it.

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Try newschoolers.com forums. 95% of it is trash talking by 14 year olds, but there are some really good park riders (male and female) who can help you out.
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I'm pretty sure the Misdemeanor is basically the 04-05 PE (the Black and Gold one), which was a phenomenal ski. The difference between the 04/05 and 05/06 PEis primarily in added width and a bit of stiffening the ski. The Misdemeanor may not be the best park ski for a female, but if all-mountain performance and pretty good park abilities are what she's looking for I'd highly recomend it.
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my ski

I ski on the ladies 05-06 missdemeanor and LOVE it... I don't plan on changing gear this yr b/c mine still have much life after a moderate season last yr. The skis are amazing and perfect for the lady all MT skier -- turn well everywhere. I am not NS but enjoy the parks and 1/2Ps - these skis go everywhere.
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If you use the search function there was a ladies ski's thread earlier where I enquired about it and Thatsagirl said she tried the ski and loved it.

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