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Have skiied for 3 years currantly at level 8 looking to move higher, some out East and several repeat trips to Alta. Have B3s as a fat ski and while I enjoyed them in powder and thought they did pretty well in crud before last season I feel that they didn't perfrom that well for me this year; too flexy, flimsy, needed more edge at times and didn't feel nearly as good trying to blow through crud and mixed conditions on them while skiing this previous season. I have Volkl 5 stars for groomed or hard pack conditions and mostly i'm looking for recommendations for a replacement for the B3s, 6'5" weighing about 220 and 51 years old but no leg or knee problems---How about some help?
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...must stop knee from jerking...

...must stop ....

...can't stop ...

* * * Volkl Explosivs * * *

Do a search either here or over on TGR for more opinions on this subject than you could possibly read in a lifetime. Search on terms like "crud", "fat", "Explosiv", etc.

Tom / PM
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Hmmm, lets see. How about this?
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Jeez, if those things grow naturally out of CA gardens, please dig a few up & send :
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Well PhysicsMan, it is nice to know that there is another certainty in life besides death and taxes.
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Bro Models, at least stiff

TGR will have more info
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Here we go again. Lets help the guy by recommending a ski JUST because we ski on them.

I suggest you search this site and go through the Gear review archives. There is all kinds of discussion about fat skis.

I myself skied last season on the B3. And, although it was good in deep powder, I felt that it wasn't good enough everywhere else to be a good allround ski choice.

I will be looking to replace it this year. My biggest dislike was it didn't have stability at warp speed on groomed or on anything less than 6" of fresh.

I don't plan on buying anything until I'm able to demo it first. Since everyone skis diferently and has a different body, I don't just buy on recommendation.
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rather than considering a brand of ski think in terms of what you want the tool to do.

what turn radius do you want?

where will you ski?

flimsy can be fixed with titanal.

are your current boards well tuned? frequently tuned? competently tuned?

if they "feel" different they may in fact be different!

my standard disclaimer is that I rep for Nordica. they have done something cool. pick a turn radius that you like....say 15 meters. all their skis at a given length have the same radius. the only difference is the width underfoot.

i have tested the Volkl AX4 and was impressed. it is similar to the Hot Rod. there are things i like more (slightly wider underfoot)
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