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Fischer SLALOM

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Has anyone skied these skis? I am looking into the Fischer SLALOM , not the WorldCup SC or the Race SC which are very different. I can't find these anywhere on the net for a reasonable price. Do you know of anywhere to look?

Maybe a better question for the group... Where can you get the Elan SLX for a good price?
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I dont know how the slalom compares to the wc and race sc, or the stock model, but i do know that the SLX will be a lot more ski than the two skis you mentioned. SLX's retail for much less than other slalom race skis, as far as i know anyways. Last year the retail was about $600 i think. I would expect that it went up a slight bit this year due to the popularity of the ski. If you race Elan will probably cut you some sort of deal on the skis, contact a rep directly for that. If you are free skiing, i dont reccommend the SLX unless you only ski groomed snow 100% of the time. If you want a slightly more versitile ski try the HCX.
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For the Fischer Slalom which is their hard core slalom race ski
try WWW.PEAKSKISHOP.COM or WWW.STARTINGGATE.NET or since you are in Colorado you might try:
They are a top race shop in Colorado.

Finally, there is a great shop in Chicago, of all places. The owner is a former Europa Cup skier with a very good working relationship with the USA Fischer distributor. He is very good at getting skis that other shops either can't or don't care to bother to try to get. WWW.GOSKANDSPORTS.COM

Hope this helps. Good luck.
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You should be able to get these on some sort pro form with a USSA card. Check around at a shop that carries Fischer race skis. www.mtpilchuck.com in Everett, Washington is a great resource, and they have the skis in stock.
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