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Happy Birthday Kima!

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Enjoy this beautiful day in the Colorado sun!
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Happy Birthday!

21 again?

I shall go out squirrel spotting tonight, just for you!
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Happy Birthday Kima!

21? No, she's still 18, it's just that she has a little more experience
being 18 now.
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Have a great year, Kima!
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Welcome to another year, Kima! Celebrate!
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and still a hottie.
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Sheeeee's Hooooot!

Happy Birthday!
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Happy Birthday-going squirrel hunting?
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I'll be smoking one of my best Dominicans in honor of the day.
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Hey thanks all! thanks to Feallen for the PM or I might have missed all the good wishes.

Had a great weekend. Celebrated with husband and friends.
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Happy birthday Kima !
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