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video help please

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My instructor today video taped my skiing (arrrghh)

As Fastman & Nolo wanted to see some can anyone help us get the stuff onto computer & to the above people (he is not very computer literate & needs simple instructions
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First, your camcorder has to take digital video. Then you have to have some way of loading the video from your camera onto the computer, such as Firewire. Then you need to use a video editing program such as MS MovieMaker, Pinnacle, VideoWave, etc. to cut clips and save to a file format such as .mpg or .avi. Then you send it to me or dchan and we will upload it to the site. You then can point us critics to the link in a post.

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One minor correction to nolo's bit above. Some of that software,if combined with proper hardware, Pinnacle for instance with their Movie Box, will convert VHS and other formats to digital.
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disski, let us know what camera you used to tape the skiing and what kind of computer (and operating system) you have to use to transfer the video. Once you've done that, we can be very specific about it.
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Thanks guys - will do
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I use Windows Movie Maker (.wmv) format everyone has Widows Media Player. or Quicktime(.mov) for Mac. they are both easy uploads to the net. If you are going to burn DVD or CD movies then reformat to mpg or avi. Use Firewire to your USB port cause a USB hardwire is too slow and you will get poor quality video.
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Dis, I can't wait to see you ski!!! Let me know if I can be of help.
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Oh - I would wait - it was only my second day on snow & it was truely aweful! He ended up closing the viewer because I kept making terrible noises when I saw it.... He seemed happy enough although he admitted they were the worst turns I made for the day.... seems I am quite camera shy still....

We may be able to get some more on Wednesday when I ski with his buddy who is very computer/video literate & was keen to video me...
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Think of the camera as your instructor, disski. Instead of rushing to judgment, begin by nonjudgmentally perceiving "what is" and then you can assess "what is missing." My coach used to say, "You're getting it," or "You're almost there," because reaching your potential is impossible in this sport. All you can do is approach it.
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Yes - he says I am too hard on me... he was happy with the angulation etc while i was very annoyed with the pressure control (or lack there of) .... it IS my biggest failure area... sort of reasonably so... but I hate seeing it when i lose the plot badly....
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Hi Disski, looking forward to seeing your video. Prepare yourself if you do provide it though; it will get mercilessly picked apart here. Some of the critique will be accurate and useful, but much will be off the mark and counterproductive. You'll need thick skin to weed out the bad and learn from the good without suffering emotional distress along the way. Nolo is a master at this, perhaps she can provide some pointers.
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I am hardly worried about the people here.... although I would prefer to never see the damn videos of me personally....

I have had enough flak thrown my way from real live people so the internet versions will be no less of a problem....

My instructors all seem to agree that I don't ski that badly for the amount of time I have skied & my situation - I have to trust them despite the fact that I really do not like my own skiing.... That is my main measure - they know where I have come from & the road I walked... everyone else can (as my grandmother would say) stick it where the monkey sticks the nuts!

Things that could help me improve are welcome... any attempt to heap crap on me can be ignored
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Sorry Rick - that may have sounded a bit agro.... what I am saying is I know which people here I want to listen to & I am tough enough to handle criticism .... after all I kept skiing after the doctor tried to ban me!
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