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Atomic R:ex..... or TM:ex??

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Apropos of the thread on R:ex and on women's fat skis (not fat women's skis ) , and in light of my ongoing search for new skis, I sent the following query to betaracer (no reply yet- he is probably busy). I am posting it here with the hopes of some expert input from the rest of the Bears. Anyone know anything about this AT and tele version of the R:ex, and whether it can be used by someone light in weight in an alpine setup?

I demo'ed the R:ex last week (168 cm)and liked it alot (somewhat to my surprise, because I thought it would be "too much ski" for me- I am 5'8", but only 125 lbs (kind of a marathon runner's build), level 8 skier) I like to ski the back bowls at Vail, hike-to terrain at Breck, etc, and am currently on 4 year old Volant Ti Power carves, which I still like, but am interested in something fatter that would still give me all-mountain versatility.

Someone suggested that I also think about the TM:ex, as it is essentially the same ski, but just slightly softer. Others said it is exactly the same ski(??). I cannot tell from the Atomic brochure too much about it- does it have the same basic construction (what is Beta-4/ AFT chassis vs Beta technology; what difference does a Texalium 100 vs 200 topsheet make?) I know that people mount Daimars on the TM:ex, but can you mount a conventional downhill binding? Does the tech need to do anything different (I assume that the markings for mounting points are not the same)?

What do you think? Should I just go with the R:ex, or pursue this (an added incentive- I found the TM:ex on sale for about $360, about $100. less than the Rex)?"
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Hey betaracer- are you there?
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I believe they are the same ski , the softness of the EX is related to the length (shorter = softer). Mount what you want on them.
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Leeroy rises from the ashes! I am told that the Rex and the TMex are the very same ski EXCEPT for a slightly heftier mounting plate on the TM. Shouldn't be any problem mouning a alpine binding on it.
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If you want light weight and a alpine binding I would look at the Pocket Rocket. I have 10EX's and like them, but if weight is a factor, you may like the PR. Don't be so hung up on $$$$. If you save money but are not happy, how much will it cost you to fix it. The PR's weigh less.
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I have a 184 REX and 175 PR. Both fun, but very different skis.
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