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2006 Fritschi Diamir setup help

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I've decided on a pair of volkl mantras in 191 for this year, and im pretty sure im going to go with theFritschi Diamir Freeride binding, but im not sure what i want to do in the boot department, so i have some questions relating to boot/binding compatability. for background, assume i'll get 80ish days (moving to breck 8/18) 55 in bounds, 25 out. I'm pretty happy with my current boots (x-wave 10) but would like to be able to switch to an articulated boot for walking, like a garmont. treaded mountaineering soles would be awesome.

- My current boots are 2003 x-wave 10, will they work in the freerides?
- a am looking at garmont, (either adrenalin or mega-ride) how are these boots going to compare to my xwaves in terms of in bounds, hard and fast steep/bowl/mogul skiing? (it looks like the adrenalins have a more aggressive ankle angle settings) Im less concerned about this question, if i can't push them as far, i'll just stick to the strictly alpine setup in bounds. i would, however, like to go with a setup that supports those out of bounds hikes a little better.
- what the flex on above mentioned garmonts like?
- will the garmonts be compatable with all (or any?) of my alpine bindings? Their website shows interchangable alpine soles for the adrenalins, but not the megarides. does this mean rubberized soles wont bind to/release from alpine bindings?
- how reliablely will the freerides release any of the above mentioned boot/sole combinations?
- am i going to destroy them skiing hard inbounds?
- i have heard that the insta-telemark release issue has been corrected, any body hear/know otherwise?
- and anything you know about that i dont, but probably should.

-thanks again all

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You have nearly duplicated my setup: V-Mantra 184 / Fritschi FR / Garmont Adrenalin. That setup weighs 23 lbs. Until May I used a Solomon X-Wave 8.0 boot and Technica TNT in that setup with no problem (25.5 lbs). The Solomons are noticably heavier and do not have a walk mode. Although the Adrenalin is a good downhill boot, they are not nearly as stiff as the X-Wave. You will have more flex in the Fritschi than you might expect. All of this "slop" adds up and makes this setup sketchy on very hard conditions. For groomed and icy conditions, I prefer the Volkl 6-Star with the Solomons. Any time conditions are soft or for off-piste the Mantra setup gets the nod. The Adrenalin boot has two forward lean positions you can lock in. The more upright position I think is around 16 or 20 degrees and is what I normally use.

Flex in the adrenalin is much more progressive than the solomon. I found the solomon extremely stiff in cold weather, and the second buckle at the ankle interferes with boot flex. They gave me a terrible case of shin bang after multiple days. The Adrenalin is stiff laterally, but has a lot of forward flex built in. The cuff easily articulates and moves smoothly over the foot shell. There is an outer tounge that extends from the top of the toe, all the way to the top-front of the cuff, that is articulated with bellows at the ankle. The front of the boot is open (no overlap), and is covered by this tounge which is stiffer in the boot section than the cuff. The Solomon on the other hand is molded so that overlapping flaps over the foot to the mid-ankle are closed over the inner-boot tounge. The upper cuff is then closed. In my experience the bottom of the upper cuff strikes the bend at the ankle preventing any forward flex. May be different in the 10, but I didn't like the lack of flex in the 8.0.

Adrenalin can be used with ISO soles on any alpine binding, or with the rockered vibram sole on AT bindings with a sliding AFD. I have never had a problem with the Fritchi FR releasing unexpectedly, but I have come out when I was supposed to. The bindings have standard DIN settings, and you should set them properly and have a release check performed if you have any doubts. The release characteristics are like any other binding, but I don't think they have the elasticity (recovery) of a Look. I don't have any concerns about the durability of the binding, and have never found myself unexpectedly in telemark mode. Note, you must keep the lockdown lever cleaned out when going from walk to ski mode or you might not catch the heel shaft, and find yourself in free-heel mode.

I would advise that you take your time on the boot decision. The Solomon boots will work fine for now until you decide if you are doing enough walking/touring to justify the AT boots. If you do get the Adrenalins, all you have to do is adjust the bindings. For me, that meant raising the height of the toe piece and shortening the length a bit. Really easy to do on the Fritschi. BTW, the Adrenalin boot tends to fit large. You will need to buy 1/2 to 1 full size smaller than your Solomon to keep performance.

Don't forget you are going to also need skins, beacon shovel, partner and probably some backcountry classes. Avalanche hazards can be significant where you are locating.
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diamers will work with almost any boot. It has adjustable toe height so that it can fit worn out alpine boots, new ones, vibram, standard DIN etc.

they will be fine for durability. I have seen patrolers with 300+ days on them of really hard skiing, working and hucking.

buy the smallest size of diamer that will fit your boots. Less rail bend/flex and less "tele mode" I think it is solved but not sure.

Scarpa is making a stiff boot this year I think, might want to look at that too?

diamers have lots of side to side flex (telemarktips.com has a link or review for showing this) when you are carving on hard snow. reduces preformance, but not a big deal

you can get vibram done to the bottom of the salomons. still no walk mode, but you will not slip on the rocks (I love mine)
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so i guess the next question is:

how do i avoid paying 425 for them?

i have a standing 10% discount at a local gear shop, but 380 still seems a bit rough.

any ideas?
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backcountrystore.com has Fritchi Freerides on sale in sizes small (or short- I forgot which they call it) and Large (or long) for about $269. A good buy, considering they are supposed to go up even more than $335 in the fall. They also have numerous AT boots on sale, as does mgear.com (where I got my Lowa Strukturas for the amazing price of $179). I saw a bunch of pairs of Scarpa Matrix at EMS for about $350.
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Originally Posted by good4nothing

--you likely won't break them if you adjust the toe jaw properly.

--tele mode comes when you flex a noodly ski too far or you hook the heel riser with your opposite ski tail.

--denali tt's work well for me. i also came from the x-wave 10.0 '03 model. i use both boots in my 2003-2004 freerides and push them harder than they should be. i have two sets that have about 400 days combined on them that still work fine.

hope that helps
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