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Stopping threads

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is there any way to stop new posts to thread that I've started. No particular thread in mind, just something I've wondered since I've been reading epic. (a long time before I got registered)
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The easiest is for me to post in the thread... I can kill pretty much any conversation.

The second is to have a moderator lock it. As far as I can tell, non-moderators cannot lock threads.

The third is to have a moderator move or delete it.
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Okay, here's a question for the community at large.

Once a thread is up and running, and a discussion is going that many Bears have contributed to, should the person who began the thread be able to kill it or lock it? Why? Hasn't the thread morphed into something that doesn't really 'belong' to any one person any more? How much ownership does the person who began a thread have after it has been up and running for a while? I'm not trying to discuss this in technical terms of legal rights, intellectual property or any of those kinds of things, but rather in practical terms of how this place is run.

Currently for a week or so after a comment is posted, the person who made the post can come in and edit it or delete it. That allows for second thoughts, but also insures that after a fairly short period of time the comments and discussion that the post was part of remains intelligible, and not riddled with baffling gaps.
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If a member has just posted smoething to start a new thread and asks dchan to remove it, that's fair. Once others of us have posted, however, it involves more than the intiator of the thread and should be left alone. What s'nomore said.
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I also think it should be able to occur if a person accidently double posts the same topic. Otherwise I agree with the other posters in this thread.
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Taking the 'last word syndrome' to all new levels. People would just open new threads to get the last word in and it would turn into a nightmare is my guess.
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