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Big Sky question

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Anybody ever stay at Powder Ridge Cabins? Thanks.
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No, but I live within a stones throw, why?
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I have never been to Big Sky and considering staying at this place. Main question is how easy is it to get to the White Otter lift and get back to the lodging without taking a shuttle. Thanks.
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Depends on the time of the season. The White Otter lift bottom terminal is kind of out of the way if you are in Powder Ridge. To reach the bottom terminal is a bit tough. The shuttle service is pretty good and it is not that far to walk to reach the base area. Returing to Powder Ridge is fairly straight forward.
The cabins themselves are pretty nice and in a decent location.
No matter what your situation, you will need a rental car to get groceries and to and from Gallatin Field.
You could do way worse that staying in Powder Ridge.
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